Control Tech is a leading multi-service solutions provider. Committed to excellence, we are experts in construction, maintenance, fabrication and renewable energy in various industries across the nation. As a people-first company, our skilled and diversified team is known for providing stellar customer service and we are always ready to explore new avenues for our safe and versatile solutions.

Our mission is to empower our people to deliver high quality solutions to our clients safely and efficiently while continuing to strengthen and preserve the environment we operate in. We are committed to safety, quality work, community, work-life balance and honesty within our entire organization.

Celebrating 10 years in the USA, read about where we have been, where we are and the exciting places we are headed!


Here at Control Tech, we offer a wide variety of services for any Electrical or Instrumentation needs you may have. We believe in quality over quantity, and provide purpose-built solutions designed for your unique needs. Our skilled team members bring that same philosophy and approach into every job they do. Keeping our focus on excellence across all our services, which puts us ahead of all others in the industry.

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Safety & Labour Solutions Aureus Energy Services Inc.

We met with the customer stakeholders to understand what they were trying to accomplish and documented an overall high-level scope of how the project could look. Then began to do our research on various types of equipment and options to find the best fit for their desired objectives.

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