Borders don't limit our focus on excellence. We offer full-service solutions with 24/7, 365 days/year support across the great nation of the United States.

Superior Workmanship Across the U.S.

Since opening our first office in Grande Prairie, Alberta, hard work and resulting success has allowed our team to expand, with additional branches in the U.S., including in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and West Virginia. Confident in our end products and services, our satisfied clients speak out across North America and continue to build our reputation as a company that is committed to excellence and focused on superior workmanship.

U.S. Services Overview

The execution of our construction services are unlike other companies across the country. Our qualified field technicians can complete all sizes of projects from start to finish, continually monitoring costs and schedules to ensure every project is completed beyond what is expected.

General Field Services

  • Project Management
  • Single/Multi-Well Construction
  • Project Construction Group (Green/Brown Field Construction)
    • Processing Plant
    • Compressor Station
    • Project Management
  • PLC/RTU Manufacturing Division
  • Site Commissioning and Start Up
  • Maintenance Services
  • Orifice Meter Runs
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Valves
  • ESD Systems
  • Skid Steel Services
  • Brush Hogging
  • Excavator Services
  • Hot Shot
Compressor Buildings

  • Steel buildings
  • Carports
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Polyurethane panel buildings
  • Meter run buildings
  • Security buildings
  • Compressor buildings
  • Pump houses
  • Rain-guards
  • Field Construction
  • Custom ground blinds
Industrial Electrical Services


  • Power Distribution
  • Maintenance/Troubleshooting
  • Control Panel Construction and Installation
  • Process Control/Instrumentation
  • Power Quality/Surge Voltage Protection
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • High Voltage Services
  • ARC Flash Studies/NFPA 70E
  • Sub-Stations and medium voltage service upgrades
  • Pre-fab services
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Service panel upgrades.

  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Systems
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Systems
Installation, Calibrations and Maintenance

  • Safety Systems
  • Fire and Gas Detection Systems
Service, Support and Path Studies

  • Data Communications
Installation, Maintenance and Batteries

  • Uninterruptible Power
  • Supplies (UPS)

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions (SCADA) Systems
  • Communications Equipment, SCADA/RTU Radios, 1X Modems, Masts, Antennas, Solar Panels, TEG’s and Batteries
  • Electrical permits
  • GOR Testing
  • GOR Trailer for Heavy Oil
  • Site Commissioning and Start Up Assistance
  • Compressor Panel and Shutdown Maintenance
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Burner Management Systems and Combustion Optimization
  • Burner Trailer Rental and Troubleshooting/Maintenance Services
  • Measurement and Metering Specialists
  • Compressor Control Panel and Start Up Services
  • Facility De-Commissioning
  • VFD Installation and Service
  • Scheduled Maintenance Management Programs
  • Calibration Services
  • PLC Programming and Measurement Calibrations
  • Analyzer P.M. and Calibrations
  • EFM and Dry-Flow Calibrations
  • ABSA Compliancy
  • Specialized Start Up and Commissioning Services

The integration of our clients in different aspects of the jobs we work on ensures all needs and requirements are met, and expectations are exceeded. We continually work with your best interest in mind, optimizing any existing systems so that your projects run as efficiently as possible.

Optimization Services

  • PLC/RTU programming
  • Wellsite and Plant Tuning
  • Create Wellsite Efficiencies
Commissioning and Start-Up

Successfully and safely moving a project from “end of construction” to “commercial operation” is a critical step. That’s why we integrate our site construction with commissioning and startup for an innovate and seamless service. With extreme attention to detail, we ensure the quality of construction exceeds the expectations of our clients, and confirm the reliability and safety of the project.


Our clients rely on us to complete any size of turnarounds right from single well sites to full plant processing facilities. We do this safely, on-time and on budget. Our team knows the importance of scheduled shut-downs and focuses on completing every task in a busy environment, communication with our client and onsite personnel is key to complete turnarounds safely and efficiently. 

On-Call 24/7

By involving our clients and delivering 24/7 support 365 days a year, we limit the possibility for miscommunication and misunderstanding, enabling us to do the job right the first time and set ourselves (and our clients) up for success.




Control Panel Fabrication
Control Panel Fabrication

Our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and superior workmanship to the fabrication and maintenance of our clients’ control panels.

Panel Fabrication Capabilities
  • A variety of electrical and RTU Products and Designs
  • Relay Panels
  • Pump Panels
  • Callout Panels
  • PLC
  • Portable Gas Detection Systems
Repair Shop
Repair Shop

Our service repair shop is managed by a Journeyman Instrument Technician who provides our clients with a satisfying solution knowing that any valve, pump, controller, a meter that needs repairing is getting the attention it deserves. Our shop exceeds quality control every time on anything requiring attention from our customers.

Oilfield Service & Supply
Oilfield Service & Supply

We supply our clients with superior products and solutions for any job. With a wide range of supply chains, we can provide a reliable solution as cost-effective as possible. Our clients get the satisfaction of knowing we are committed to exceeding their expectations while delivering safe and dependable work.

Supply Store

  • Parts sales, Tools, Lubricants, Safety Apparel, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Valves, Tubing and Fittings, Pumps, Repair Kits
  • Contract operating service
  • Field site maintenance
Chemical Sales

  • Methanol, Glycol, Soaps and Lubricants


Heat Trace Installations

Installation of Kold Katcher Heat Trace Systems. Kold Katcher’s advanced heating solutions for oil & gas process applications, offers a safe, efficient, & reliable alternative to hazardous fire tube burners.

  • Sales and service of Kold Katcher products
  • Field installation of heat trace systems

Wysox Pennsylvania
TEXAN (Operating Company)
  • PSV Sales and Service
    • We specialize in repairing all types of industrial PSV’s
    • Safety Matters
    • Diagnose and repair valves
    • Minimize downtime
    • Qualified technicians
    • Preventative and corrective maintenance
    • Maintenance Programs
  • Full Valve Service and repair
    • Fully stocked and ready
  • Mobile On-site Services
    • Remote and ready for on-site support.
  • R. Certified
  • Instrumentation Services