At Control Tech, we strive to be a pillar in and around the communities where we live, work, and play. We hope to influence others by demonstrating our values and be an advocate for positivity to others in our communities.

Having Aboriginal owners at Control Tech, we seek to incorporate the values of Aboriginal communities and people. We are striving to make our organization, community, and economic environment better. Headquartered in Northern Alberta, with branches across Alberta and British Columbia, we realize that the Aboriginal workforce is rich with experience. We continually work to build sustainable, long-term relationships and ensure equality in our employment.

Indigenous Partnerships

Control Tech’s Indigenous Relations and Partnerships approach is made up of three main goals that integrate our core values to meet our objective of creating a collaborative relationship that improves education, training and economic opportunities for Metis Nation of Alberta citizens within Grande Prairie and area.

It’s important that our approach to Indigenous Relations—whether recruiting Indigenous candidates, supporting their career growth, or working alongside Indigenous communities and businesses—considers the histories, cultures, and values of Indigenous Peoples.

Successful Indigenous Partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual respect, common goals, opportunities for employment, and an understanding of the local community. Our goals for this partnership are to share employment, educational and apprenticeship opportunities including scholarships for Metis Nation of Alberta citizens.

Metis Local 1990

We are proud to support the Metis Local 1990 and believe this partnership will benefit both our business, clients and the communities we work in.

The Metis Local 1990 are part of the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA)

Since its inception in 1928, the MNA is the Métis Government for Métis Albertans with its geographical and legal boundaries being the province of Alberta. The mandate of the MNA is to be a representative voice on behalf of Métis people in Alberta, provide Métis people an opportunity to participate in government’s policy and decision making process and, most importantly, promote and facilitate the advancement of Métis people through the pursuit of self-reliance, self-determination and self-management.

The Metis Nation of Alberta has a mission to  pursue the advancement of the socio-economic and cultural well-being of the Métis people of Alberta.

For more information on the MNA visit: Home – Métis Nation of Alberta Métis Nation of Alberta | (

For up to date information locally from the Metis Local 1990 visit their Facebook Page at: MNA Metis Local 1990 Grande Prairie | Facebook

Kelly Lake First Nation

The community of Kelly Lake has a rich, vibrant, and dynamic history. There are various interpretations of the oral and written history of the land and our people – the most common being that Kelly Lake First Nation descended from the Iroquois trappers and voyageurs who came to the territory with the North West Company in the 18th century. The ancestors settled in the area around what is now Jasper National Park and moved north to the Kelly Lake area when the National Park was formed.

Today Kelly Lake First Nation has about 400 members, including those that live within the surrounding area, including Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie. Members have traditionally spoken Cree, and those living in the Kelly Lake area still maintain a traditional lifestyle and depend on hunting, trapping, and gathering, and fishing. Members also have a strong tie to the land and traditional cultural practices and maintain a strong sense of community; working together to build housing and sharing amongst families and Elders when they are successful with hunting.

As further outlined in our current initiatives Kelly Lake First Nation will become a growing, industrious community, providing its members with quality housing, facilities, and services. Its members of all ages are happy, educated and engage with others in healthy way, and are secure in their culture, traditions, and identity.

Kelly Lake First Nation is united in its approach to socio-economic advancement while protecting its rights, lands, and natural resources, for the betterment of its people.

For more information on Kelly Lake First Nation visit: Kelly Lake First Nation | KLFN | Home