Locally owned and operated from our head office in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Control Tech has Canadian branches across Alberta and British Columbia, including Calgary, Fox Creek, Peace River, Dawson Creek and Enderby. Confident in our end products and services, our satisfied clients speak out and continue to build our reputation as a company that is committed to excellence and focused on superior workmanship.

Electrical and Instrumentation services


No matter the location, our qualified field technicians are ready to complete projects of all sizes from start to finish. Continuously monitoring costs and schedules to ensure every project is completed beyond all expectations.

Construction Services

  • Single/Multi-Well Construction
  • Project Construction Group (Green/Brown Field Construction)
    • Processing Plant
    • Compressor Station
    • Project Management
  • PLC/RTU Manufacturing Division
  • Site Commissioning and Start Up


When it comes to maintenance, quality is key. Our equipment exceeds the highest standards, and is maintained as per AER, OGC, and CEC specifications.

Maintenance Services

  • GOR Testing and Maintenance Programs
  • Meter Proving
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Systems
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Systems
  • Safety Systems
  • Fire and Gas Detection Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions (SCADA) Systems
  • Communications Equipment, SCADA/RTU Radios, 1X Modems, Masts, Antennas, Solar Panels, TEG’s and Batteries
  • Compressor Panel and Shutdown Maintenance
  • Burner Management Systems and Combustion Optimization
  • VFD Installation and Service
  • Scheduled Maintenance Management Programs
  • Specialized Start Up and Commissioning Services


Our clients rely on us to complete any size of turnarounds right from single well sites to full plant processing facilities. We do this safely, on-time and on budget. Our team knows the importance of scheduled shut-downs and focuses on completing every task in a busy environment, communication with our client and onsite personnel is key to complete turnarounds safely and efficiently.


Incorporating our clients into various aspects of each project helps to ensure any need or requirement is met. Implementing all existing systems in place by the client, we assure all projects run as efficiently as possible. Continually working with your best interest in mind.

Optimization Services

  • PLC/RTU programming
  • Wellsite and Plant Tuning
  • Create Wellsite Efficiencies
  • Pump Jack/Pump off Controller

Commissioning and Start-up

Successfully and safely moving a project from “end of construction” to “commercial operation” is a critical step. That’s why we integrate our site construction with commissioning and startup for an innovate and seamless service. With extreme attention to detail, we ensure the quality of construction as well as the reliability and safety of the project are a cut above the rest.

On-Call 24/7

By involving our clients and delivering 24/7 support, we limit the possibility for miscommunication and misunderstanding, enabling us to do the job right the first time and set ourselves (and our clients) up for success.

Calibrations Meter Proving

Our Meter Proving division provides clients an all-encompassing meter proving procedure with just a single site visit. The work of our skilled Instrumentation Technicians, trained on the Directive 17 measurement, is a cost-effective way to complete your calibrations.

Optimization Services

  • PLC Programming
  • Analyzer P.M.
  • EFM and Dry-Flow Calibrations

Sales and Services

We hold a standard of providing all customers with the highest standard. We believe staying on top of technology is our way of leading the industry, and with this, passing top quality workmanship on to our clients.

  • Orifice Meter Runs
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Valves
  • ESD Systems
  • Down Hole Gas Separators


When it comes to automation, the experts at Control Tech know how important your work is, which is why we’re committed to bringing the highest quality automation services to every job we touch. We integrate our site construction with commissioning and startup for an innovative service that is seamless, ensuring the reliability and safety of all our software solutions – from programming and design through to modifications of your products.

Facility and wellsite construction

Project Management

When it comes to project management, Control Tech always works hard for our clients. We make sure to complete each job with superior performance, no matter the type or size of the project. We offer our project management services for facilities, pipelines, plant modifications, turn arounds, and more. We do this while continually keeping in mind collaboration, schedules, budget, and any other specifications.

Major Projects

Our superior workmanship has led us to be a leader in E&I construction. We have a wide range of qualified technicians capable of accomplishing projects of all kinds, and sizes. Below are some notable clients we have completed such projects for.

Notable Clients

  • AltaGas Northwest Processing LP
  • Aureus Energy Services Inc.
  • Ovintiv Corporation
  • Hammerhead Resources Inc.
  • Hitic Energy Ltd.
  • Jupiter Resources Inc.
  • NorthRiver Midstream Partners
  • Paramount Resources Ltd.
  • Pembina Gas Services LP
  • SemCAMS Midstream ULC
  • Arc Resources Ltd.
  • Tervita Corporation
  • Tourmaline Oil Corp
  • Whitecap Resources Inc.
  • XTO Energy Canada


Our estimating team exceeds expectations when bidding on any size of project — utilizing the best software solutions to maximize cost control and scheduling offering the best solution for any job. We provide our clients with a surplus of information that can be broken down to create efficiencies throughout any project.

Control Panel Fabrication

Our skilled technicians are committed to providing the highest level of quality and superior workmanship to the fabrication and maintenance of our clients’ control panels.

Panel Fabrication Capabilities

  • A variety of electrical and RTU Products and Designs
  • Relay Panels
  • Pump Panels
  • Callout Panels
  • PLC
  • Portable Gas Detection Systems
  • Heat Trace Distribution

Available Parts

Our Warehouse and service trucks carry a surplus of inventory to repair any service call necessary. With a 24/7 on-call support system, we offer our clients peace of mind at any hour.

Equipment Rentals

At Control Tech we are able to offer our clients many rental options, certified calibration units, digital gauges, static chart recorders, pumps, test equipment, communicators, specialty tools, trailers, generators, air compressors, etc.

Thermal Imaging

Benefits of Thermography

  • Zero to minimal downtime: Due to the non-invasive nature of thermal imaging, thermographers can carry out thermal analysis inspections while the plant or equipment is still fully operational.
  • Saves you money: Thermal imaging can detect faulty components or systems at an early stage, preventing damage to vital operational systems which could save thousands in unexpected down-time.
  • Accuracy and speed: Thermal imaging surveys can quickly scan and measure the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of equipment, eliminating the need for pre-inspection work.
  • 100% non-invasive: Thermal imaging cameras detect infrared energy. This non-invasive approach ensures the thermographer can maintain a safe distance from the potentially hazardous equipment.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of Occupational Health and Safety issues: Intervention through early detection can prevent personal harm and risk of fire.

Our Camera

We have a couple of different imaging cameras that we use to create these packages. The cameras are intrinsically safe for plant use and give us the ability to monitor equipment without the hazard of coming into contact with it. 


We have a certified ITC trained Thermographer who has created both conformant and non-conformant packages in the past. These have both saved time and money for our clients.


  • Detect failing components in MCC units, pumps, motors, piping, building insulation and electrical.
  • Create annual predictive maintenance, conformant and non-conformant, packages to avoid costly downtime by regularly having all components compared to the previous year’s temperatures.
  • Create non-conformant packages at a lower cost that provides the information needed to replace a failed or about to fail component to avoid downtime of the equipment.


  • QAI
  • QPS
  • ABSA
  • BCSA
  • AB Master/BC FSR Certification