Safety & Labour Solutions Aureus Energy Services Inc.

We met with the customer stakeholders to understand what they were trying to accomplish and documented an overall high-level scope of how the project could look. Then began to do our research on various types of equipment and options to find the best fit for their desired objectives.

With our years of experience with automation in the oil and gas industry, we were able to use our expertise to provide a tailored custom control system. With that, we gave the customer the ability to control multiple pumps at once, with one Scada specialist and fewer on-site personnel.

This gave the customer the ability to manage their labour more effectively. Instead of putting them in high-risk locations to perform job tasks, they would instead be able to use their skilled labour to manager more equipment. This also provided the solution to have more control on a line, and identify any problems from a controlled environment with the ability of real-time data and reporting. Thus, providing transparency to their customers and gives them the ability to monitor operations from any location.