Equipment Protection against the Elements Chesapeake

A client had portable compressors on-site, and the weather conditions were getting ugly out. Rain, sleet, and snow were going to affect the compressors. The customer wanted to find a cost-effective way to cover the unit while also retaining as much heat as possible.

We traveled to the site to get a better idea of how to come up with the best approach to the situation. We researched different building designs to see which would best suit the customer’s needs. They needed a structure that would be sturdy and have the option to be portable or stationary. With this project, the customer wanted the best of both worlds, and we were determined to make that happen.

While doing our research, we found and partnered up with a company that could supply a smart and somewhat portable solution that would cover the entire unit. The final product is a versa-tube structure. We added insulated panels as well on the ends to help retain heat in the winter. The customer was delighted with the final product, and we sold and installed the structures.

The customer gave us several kudos for willing to go the extra mile, researching several alternatives and producing a good looking and efficient final product.