Calibrations and Shut Down Reports Encana 14-30

While working on a facility expansion for a client, we ran into trouble with the late delivery of a critical separator package. The separator contained 70% of new I/O, and we still needed to ensure that we would be able to meet our schedule.

With this unforeseen circumstance, we had to do some problem-solving to ensure we wouldn’t go over schedule or budget for our client. Considering our options, we decided to try and adjust our work plan and create a new way to navigate a plan that would ensure we stayed on track. When taking into account the delay that the late delivery would cause, we decided to move our workforce around into the other areas we still needed to complete for the expansion. We wanted to make sure that this would not set us back. We made it a goal to have everything else on the job-ready by the time the package would arrive.

Once the package did finally arrive, we piped, pulled, terminated, and commissioned the rest of the facility. We had no control over when the package delivery dates would be, and because of that, we took the situation and chose to work with what we could. We wanted to ensure we would get the best job done no matter the circumstances for our customers.

We were able to take what would have been a potential scheduling delay and re-align our project schedule and workforce. With that, we were able to complete the project three days ahead of schedule, and we were even under our target estimate. We were able to take a potential set back and problem-solve the situation into one that would benefit ourselves and our clients.