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Liquid Meter Proving

Control Tech Meter Proving division’s goal is to provide our costumers all-encompassing meter proving procedures within a single visit to site. Having this inclusive capability, we can offer our customers the most cost effective solutions. Redeye water-cut meters are becoming more common in liquid metering applications and Control Tech can provide qualified Instrumentation Technicians to complete these calibrations. To guarantee that you are getting the highest accuracy for your liquid measurement all our provers are traceable to NIST and Measurement Canada Standards. Our Technicians are also trained on the Directive 17 measurement.

Control Tech is equipped to do the following methods of proving:

  • Master Meter Proving
  • Volumetric Meter Proving
  • Bench Proving
  • Red eye proving

Thank you for considering us for your liquid measurement needs. We look forward to working with your company to provide the best measurement standards possible

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